Financial Programs for Parents

BEAM is developing a series of financial seminars for BEAM parents and guardians.  The Parent Planning Committee includes Mark Schug, BEAM Board member; Glenda McMiller, BEAM Student Support Manager; Laura Weaver, AmeriCorps VISTA Volunteer and a representative from Acts Central, a private, not-for-profit organization which provides financial programs for low and moderate income adults.


The goal of these workshops is to provide BEAM parents and guardians with financial information to help them make financial progress.  Workshops are being planned on the following topics:


  • The basics of budgeting
  • What is a credit report and credit score?  Ways to improve both
  • Why avoid pay-day loans, check cashing outlets and rent-to-own stores?
  • Connecting to mainstream financial institutions for checking and saving
  • The rules for building wealth for the long term
  • Buying a first home



In addition, BEAM has hosted a one-day conference for the community called the Money Conference.  In 2013, over 300 people attended the Milwaukee conference.