5th & 6th Grade "R.O.A.R"

"Raising Our Academic Rigor" is the house motto with the intention to challenge our fifth and sixth grade students to compete in the real world.  This said, we focus on integrating reading and math skills throughout all subject areas.  There are many opportunities for the students to engage in Business and Economics topics in our curriculum.  Fifth graders are introduced to the block scheduling, in which they rotate among the teachers for focused subject areas.  Some highlights of each subject are:


Fifth Grade

Math - Pre-algebra, converting fractions, using decimals and comparing ways to measure.

S.S. - Revolutionary War, Native American History / Art and reviewing Branches of Government

Science - Rocks and minerals, the effects of pollution on the Earth and CFC (Chloro Fluoro and Carbons)

Reading - Literary genres such as poetry, historical fiction, fantasy and realistic fiction.

Writing - Various forms of writing using the writing process, including the six traits of writing.


Sixth Grade

Math - Geometry, algebra, fractions with many hands-on activities

S.S. - World history, geography and class debates

Science - Focusing on the scientific method, PHEOC (problem, hypothesis, experiment, observation, and conclusion)

Literacy - Theater elements in which the students conduct two major plays for the school


5th Grade Staff


Jessica Jordan - Lead Teacher.  I have taught for a total of six year, five years at BEAM.  My experiences include teaching K4, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and now 5th grade.  I graduated from Cardinal Stritch University for my B.S. in elementary education k-6th grades and I am close to finishing my master's degree for Administration and Leadership from Concordia University.  In the classroom, I strive for a positive, motivating and respectful atmosphere.  Outside of school I enjoy every moment with my own children and watching movies.


Corey Kanady - I teach fifth grade science.  I am a first year teacher and this is my first year at BEAM.  I have been blessed having worked with kids for 10 years now.  I am well schooled in a broad range of education.  I have an associate's degree in Liberal Arts from Milwaukee Area Technical College, a rigorous science background from UW-Milwaukee and a bachelors of arts degree in education with a history minor from Lakeland College.  My license is broad range education 1 through 8.  My favorite quote is by Mary McLeod Bethune.  She said, "If I have a legacy to leave my people, it is my philosophy of living and serving."  Besides teaching, I love being with my family, writing poetry, and playing basketball.


Kelly Strong - This is my first year teaching!  I am enthusiastic to share with all that I absolutely love BEAM!  While this is only my first year teaching in the classroom, I have taught both ballroom dance and creative movement to grades K4-5th.  This said, I love to dance outside of school as well as sew, create, read, and be in nature.  I earned my bachelor's degree at UW-Milwaukee in 2001 and my teaching license at Alverno College in May 2011.  Lastly, one of my most loved quotes was spoken by the very grand Martin Luther King, Jr., "I have decided to stick with love.  Hate is too great a burden to bear."


6th Grade Staff

Somphone Do - I am a sixth grade teacher and I teach science and language arts.  I graduated from Alverno College with a baccalaureate degree in elementary education and a minor in early childhood.  I have been teaching for 11 years; one year in a private school, three in a choice school, and seven years at BEAM.  When I am not at work I like to go to shopping at the mall with my husband.  I also like to exercise.  My favorite quote is "Knowledge is Power" by Sir Francis Bacon, 1597.  I truly believe knowledge gives people power to make better decisions.


Brian Hansen - I attended Columbia College of Chicago while majoring in Journalism and minoring in Mathematics.  While coaching the Journey House Packers in football the past five years, I realized how much I enjoyed teaching new things to students and guiding them down paths that they might not usually encounter.  This encouraged me to get my degree and license in teaching through Western Governors University.  I have a license in Interdisciplinary Studies (K-8).  I have been teaching for two years and this is my first full year at BEAM.  My favorite quote is by Socrates, "the wisest man knows that he knows nothing."  As a teacher, I feel that quote should be dissected in a way that every individual should realize no matter how smart they are, there is always more to learn.  I have three children who are 4, 8, and 13 years old.