The school structure at BEAM reflects a school design which is intended to promote continuity.  The model creates greater intimacy, better communication, and closer relationships among teachers, students, and parents. 


This is accomplished by creating "schools within the school" - grade-level groupings called Academies.  These grade-level groupings are further divided into cohesive student/teacher groups called Houses.


Each House has a group of teachers who are responsible for between 100 and 180 students.  The same teachers stay with the same group of students throughout each multi-year Academy.  These long-term relationships give teachers the time to really get to know each child and his or her unique needs.


Each House at BEAM meets once a week to discuss ongoing and new concerns and issues.


The support that the House provides welcomes new teachers to BEAM and helps provide guidance and structure to the transition. 


Each house is lead by a Lead Teacher.  This is a teacher who has experience at BEAM and has shown leadership through action.  He/She serves as a role model in both instruction and classroom management for the other teachers in her House.  Lead Teachers are an essential part of the leadership team at BEAM.