Resources for Parents

The following are some websites that might be useful to BEAM families who face financial challenges or wish to learn how to be financially successful. 



Consumer Credit Counseling Service of Greater Milwaukee

Getting into debt is easy.  Getting out is hard.  Consumer Credit Counseling Service can help families manage their finances and start them on the road to becoming financially independent.  Call (414) 482-8801 to schedule an appointment or visit:


The Mint

The Northwestern Mutual Foundation partnered with the National Council on Economic Education (NCEE) in the development of  This site provides tools to help parents as well as educators teach children to manage money wisely and develop good financial habits.  Sections on this site have been designed for families.  Most pages are written in a kid-friendly style so families can work together - or older children can work independently in learning money lessons.  However, some sections have been developed exclusively for teachers and parents.



Jumpstart Coalition

As parents, you influence the way your children will grow up to handle money every day.  Does your financial picture bring stress into your life?  Learn how to successfully handle your money and your children will have the necessary tools to



Wisconsin Department of Financial Institutions

This website provides many resources including several informative publications that are available online.  Learn about money management, investing, credit, credit reports and credit scores and how to prevent identity theft.  The website features a Financial Literacy Resource Center that has materials for parents and educators of youth.



U.S. Department of Treasury: Office of Financial Education

This website offers several links to a variety of resources designed to answer your financial questions including:

  • How to build wealth for the long term
  • Information on Social Security
  • Understanding Taxes


Visit: education/resource/alpha-name.html